People are our focus: always!

We are the first port of call for competent and trusting relationships with patients.

Care with understanding

In times of digitalisation and increasing networking, our focus is on the patient as a person. We exemplify competent and responsible relationships on all channels.

Only when they are taken correctly can the full effect of medications be received. The nurses of patient+ are experienced and provide patients with support. They offer empathetic care on many channels, and they provide answers to questions and assistance. Trust is only created via real relationship management, and this is exactly what we provide!

The result of this is higher compliance, and therefore higher therapeutic success.

About us

Why choose us?

Full patient support.

Highly trained caring nurses.

Over 25.000 patients in support programmes.

Genuine values

We act fairly and responsibly. For greater humanity.

What do we stand for?

High standards

We are thoroughly inspected – regularly and independently.

What does this mean?