Providing caring and competent support to patients.


Every patient has personal preferences and wants to be cared for in his or her own way. Our nurses respond to individual requests and provide support via the desired channel, via phone, app, video telephony, email or on-site – always in the place where the patient feels most comfortable.
They ensure that the therapy can be carried out in accordance with the doctor’s advice and make sure that patients take medication properly, so that therapies work in the best possible way. Personalised. Sensitive. Highly Competent.

Flying Nurses

Our flying nurses do not abandon the persons concerned and provide emotional and professional support in surroundings familiar to them. Your task: Support patients on-site, be a trusted contact and assist with the handling of medication. Human assistance is provided in person, since therapeutic success, particularly in the case of chronic diseases, relies on well-functioning personal management.

Project Leads

We are experienced team leaders and manage project teams of nurses and project managers. Expertise, motivation and regular close coordination with the project teams and our customers are the cornerstones of the success of our projects – in this way, we can continue to improve work processes bit by bit and provide our customers with strategic advice.
Our many years of experience in planning, setting up and implement projects make us authentic experts.

Project Managers

Project set-up, schedules, reports, training coordination, coordination phases with our customers – a project should first and foremost be perfectly planned! Our project managers have everything firmly under control and are in close contact with all parties involved. They provide support in project development & coordination – and act as an intermediary between client, project manager and project staff.
In a nutshell: Nothing can go wrong.

Quality Managers

We aim to constantly improve our services. This includes establishing specific quality guidelines that enable the same high standards to be implemented throughout the whole company. Constant success and growth are our goals. Together with you we can positively influence the success of your project and rise to the challenges.
To enable us to continuously increase the quality level of our service, we involve you in our continuous improvement process.

E-Business Managers

patient+ exemplifies the use of the newest technologies – from the project set-up and the communication channels to evaluation and data management. Our e-business managers ensure that customers and employees are familiarised with all these technologies. They are continuously developing new, even better solutions and monitoring system security. For streamlined, smooth and above all efficient project processes.

Performance Managers & Quality Coaches

Our quality coaches and performance managers support the project teams in setting up highly sensitive medical dialogue. The aim: to uncover improvement potential. Our coaches fill any gaps in knowledge via training, coaching and telephone & communication training.
Close, trusting and regular coordination with our customers is the name of the game and a prerequisite for project success.

Data Protection Officers

patient+ works with highly sensitive patient data. It is therefore important to protect all information related to the respective project – and to create an impenetrable bastion. Our promise: We arrange for our quality and information security management systems to be independently audited. The result: regular ISO certifications for 100% security and trust.

Our services

Always on equal terms,
always personalised.

High Levels of Therapeutic Success

Not every illness can be as easily explained as the common cold. Therapeutic success depends on well-functioning personal management of the persons concerned so that compliance is increased and drop-out rates are significantly reduced. Our nurses provide competent assistance to thousands of patients in our patient support programmes in order to achieve exactly this.

Dr. Heike Niermann
General Manager
Thomas-Marco Steinle
General Manager